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Could Someone Steal Your A/C Unit?

February 18th, 2019 by cverdone

Could Someone Steal Your A:C Unit?

HVAC units have become a hot commodity for thieves throughout the years. This is due to the vast increase in value for the copper hidden inside. These copper coils are the key resource that condenses the hot liquid into a cool gas substance, therefore this coil is vital for your unit to work properly. Unfortunately, this is also a vital source of income for your everyday scrap metal thief. The good news is there are many different ways you can protect your HVAC unit from these thieves. There are many easy and cost efficient ways to protect your home from being burglarized.

Light it Up

We all know that thieves prefer to keep their criminal activities literally in the dark. Therefore what better way to intimidate your local metal thieves than to light up the night with some LED’s? No thief wants to be caught in the act, so make their lives a little more difficult and yours a lot more comfortable. It is also helpful to have lights on your house that are connected to a motion sensor. This will shine a light on anyone trying to creep around your yard at night.

Consider a Cage

An HVAC Professional may also suggest an iron cage or a fence to help protect your unit. Using a fence will force the thief to take his time, in turn causing him a bigger risk in getting caught. These cages may be bought standard, custom made by a professional, and with or without a lock. In the case you do decide to get a cage or fence, be sure to allot for your AC unit to still have room to function properly.

Ring the Alarm

This option is for areas that may be a little more prone to HVAC unit thefts. These alarm systems are designed to send a signal to your existing burglar system, when a thief attempts to disconnect the power of your AC unit. The loud sounds will distract the thief and cause him to flee. You can check with your local HVAC Professional to get information on a company in your area.

Although the number of AC unit thieves have increased in the past few years due to the amount of money available for copper now a days. There are still precautions that can be taken in order for you to protect your home from potential thief. I copper coil in these units are worth at least $100-$200 per average unit and every home is at risk. Take the time out to consult with your local trusted HVAC Professional in order to consider which of these options best suits your needs and price range. Contact the experts at Thornton Heating Service at 847-905-1608 for an expert consultation and service for all your HVAC needs!