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How To Check If Your Home Is Properly Insulated

November 2nd, 2016 by Darwilladmin

The cost of energy is increasing day by day and it is extremely important for all homeowners to check whether their homes are properly insulated or not. It has been identified that most homeowners pay attention only to the obvious areas of the home and what may be causing a home to not have efficient heating.

However, heat loss can take place from totally unexpected areas of your home as well. In such situations, you are wasting your hard earned money unnecessarily. Here is a list of some effective tips that can help you determine if your home is properly insulated or not.

Check Whether You Already Have Insulation

Bad insulation of a building can take place if there is no insulation material, insufficient insulation, old disintegrated insulation, or cheap insulation. You can take a look at a patched hole and figure out what type of insulation you have in your home. Or else, you can seek the assistance of a heating or HVAC specialist.

When you get to know about the specific type of insulation that you have, you can easily replace it accordingly or determine if your home does not have enough insulation. You should also check whether urea formaldehyde or asbestos is being used for insulation in your home. If you can find them, you need to take necessary measures to get rid of these outdated products.

Search More Than Your Walls

As mentioned earlier, most homeowners without much knowledge of heating systems simply look for the most obvious problem areas. In this case you may only take a look at your walls and see insulation, believing that you are covered. However, heat loss can take place from other parts of your home as well.

That is why it is important to take a look at the other places of your home including inside your attic, roof, electrical outlets, ducts, around doors and windows, and a chimney if you have one to see where you could be losing heat from. While the answer may not be adding or replacing insulation, you could be losing heat from places you never even thought about.

Check Whether Correct Insulation Material Are Used

Different types of insulation materials can be used to insulate a building, and depending on when your home was built you could be attempting to rely on very dated materials. They range from plastic foams, wool, cotton, and glass fibers along with many other things. In other words, plenty of choices are available and have been used over the years, but your could have insulation unsuited for you.

When you are selecting an insulation material out of the options, you need to consider the area you live. In addition, you need to focus on the temperatures that you would have to face throughout the year. Then you will be able to determine how much you would need.

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