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Top 5 Air Conditioning Issues

March 5th, 2019 by cverdone

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When your air conditioner doesn’t put out the cool air, it could be one of many different issues that are causing the trouble. But, exactly what are the most common air conditioning problems that you could experience when the unit is working overtime to keep the home cool? Here is a list of five top problems homeowners experience with their AC unit.

Top Most Common Air Conditioner Problems

An Air Conditioner that stops working altogether is the most common problem that homeowners experience with their unit. The AC may stop working due to any number of problems, ranging from old age to damaged components inside the unit. The batteries in the thermostat could’ve gone bad, the temperature may be set too high, or the circuit breaker could be the cause of trouble as well.

An AC that runs, but that fails to put out cold air is another common problem. When the AC runs but the air is warm or hot, the usual culprit is a thermostat that’s incorrectly set or one that needs to be replaced. A dirty filter or coils can also cause trouble. Take a look at the condenser unit outside the home. If it is blocked by debris, it may also malfunction.

More Issues With the AC Unit

A third common AC problem that might cause you grief this summer is uneven cooling. This occurs when one room of the house is cooler than another or when one room doesn’t get cool at all. Causes of uneven cooling vary. Like most other problems, the thermostat in the unit could very likely be the cause of trouble, but there are other issues that may be the problem as well.

Is water dripping from the AC unit? Many homeowners find condensation leaks a problem that results in termites, mold, and other trouble. Check the condensate line to see if it is clogged and flush it is it is. Leaking refrigerant may also cause this problem to occur. A fifth common problem is strange noises. Noises can be caused by the motor or the blower assembly in the air conditioning unit. It could also be the relay. It’s best to let a professional inspect the unit to determine the actual cause of the trouble.

If any of the above HVAC issues are affecting the performance of your HVAC unit, don’t hesitate to reach out to an HVAC professional for service. A professional like the technicians at Thorntons Heating and Cooling can inspect the unit and diagnose the specific cause of trouble so you’ll once again enjoy the cool, fresh air that you deserve.