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When to Call an HVAC Professional

April 2nd, 2018 by cverdone

Not every deserves your worrying over but paying attention to these is good practice. Most sounds are part of normal operation and are no cause for alarm. However, specific sounds would alert you to a problem. When this happens, it’s time to have it checked by an HVAC technician. Learn what noises you should be concerned about so you know when to call in a professional.

Rattling Or Shaking

When pipes aren’t properly fitted, you end up with the wrong-sized ones. As air passes through these pipes, the difference in sizes changes the pressure, causing them to shake and hit each other. You also lose heat or coolness in the process so have these looked into immediately.

Grinding Or Squealing

These two sounds are usually the result of metal rubbing against metal. It usually points to a problem in the blower wheel. The continuous abrasion would damage this important piece of the furnace fast so have this addressed as soon as possible by a reliable technician.

The blower wheel may have somehow loosened from the shaft and hit the casing. Another possible cause is the wheel’s mount breaking off, resulting in the wheel bumping into its housing. A professional would be able to investigate the root cause of the problem and assess how it can be solved.

Banging Or Popping

This enforces why cleaning in your HVAC is important because one cause of this could be a dusty burners. The accumulation of dirt prevents the burners from properly igniting, causing the gas to build up and eventually making the popping noises. In other words, explosions, dangerous and damaging. Safety is the main concern but there’s also the harm it would cause to other parts of the furnace.

If it’s not the burners, it could be damaged air ducts. These metal parts expand from the heat released into it from the furnace and contract when it’s turned off, which is how they make the popping sound.

As homeowners, or even renters depending on the agreement, the regular care and maintenance of the HVAC system is a priority if we want to live in a safe, healthy and comfortable home. These issues, while not totally avoidable, would be have less chances of happening with the frequent enough checkups by a licensed technician.

Maintenance seems costly but mostly when viewed as an expense, rather than an investment. Though the returns aren’t as tangible as typical investment vehicles, the HVAC system directly affects the most important aspects of life.

It’s understandable and normal if you find it too technical and have difficulty comprehending how each part works. The design is complex which is why technicians dealing with these machines are required to be licensed. Work together with a reliable HVAC specialist. Hire one that’s interested in your needs and puts your interest first.

Discuss with them other ways you can help to make sure your system functions well. Thornton Heating will be happy to answer these questions as well as others. Contact us at (847) 905-1608 and we will recommend you to one of our highly-qualified HVAC professionals.