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5 Ways To Prevent Summer Allergens

July 2nd, 2018 by cverdone

Summer is here and together with it comes fun activities, and trips to the beach. This is a season loved by many. Unfortunately this could also be a time when your family could come under attack in your own home.

During the spring the abundance of life brings with it allergens coming from the plants and organisms that thrive during this period. These continue on during the summer and may find its way inside your residence if you are not careful.

Get The Proper Filters

For your HVAC system, your filters are the first line of defense against allergens as these capture particles and prevent them from entering the living spaces of your loved ones. Not all filters are made the same though, and some are better in keeping out these harmful elements.

To better explain things, we need to become familiar with “Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value” (MERV) rating. This was made by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air conditioner Engineers used to categorize filters based on what they are able keep out. The higher the rating the better they are at doing their job, with 20 being the maximum.

In the case of allergens, a class 12 filter would be the most you would need. Not everyone though can afford this as a much more expensive and more powerful system is needed so that it is capable of blowing air through it. The trick here is matching your budget with the filter you need. You can refer this to professionals so you could be guided as to what to do and the best choice you can make.

Avoid Excessive Humidity

An atmosphere that is too humid makes an ideal environment for molds and mildew to multiply. These could release spores into the air, especially if they are found in your ductworks. These spores are unhealthy and are even more harmful towards those with existing respiratory illnesses.

Avoid this by installing a dehumidifier on your system. This will regulate moisture to keep it at reasonable amounts.

Clean Vents And Change Dirty Filters

Your vents could accumulate dust and particles which means it needs a routine cleaning from time to time. Make sure you clean them and remove all the substances found within that shouldn’t be there.

If your filters have met their limit, it’s time to change them out and replace them with new one’s. Do this every 1-2 months depending on certain factors of your home, including the presence of furry pets.

Be Watchful Of Pets

When pets exit your homes, if they’ve been playing in the garden or at the park, when they come back there is a high possibility that their furs could be carrying allergens. If possible make sure to rid them of these before they come in.

Have A Routine HVAC Maintenance Scheduled

Be sure that you have an HVAC maintenance scheduled at least 1 to 2 times a year, so that it can be thoroughly cleaned by professionals. They will also make sure to keep it in good shape so that it could serve your household well.

To make sure you enjoy good quality indoor air all-summer long, get regular maintenance by a licensed technician. For future notice, schedule it before the summer starts. When you’re in need of professional servicing, call Thornton Heating for reliable help. Contact us at (847) 905-1608.