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4 Ways To Insulate Your Home For Spring

May 15th, 2018 by cverdone

When its cold season, it’s only natural that a person looks to their home for the warmth that they need. It would be ideal to prepare for frigid weathers during spring so you can be ready while still early and not be caught off guard in the chilly season.

Insulation is essential to make sure that heat stays within a home and not find its way out. Remember that during this kind of climate, the warmth is our ally and we want to have enough of it to allow us a comfortable stay at our own residence.

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

The HVAC, most especially your furnace, will be key to enduring the winter which is why it would be wise to keep them in good condition to prevent any shortcomings. Maintenance of your heating and cooling system should be a routine activity your household observes because it ensure your units and its parts are in a good condition.

You could subscribe to companies offering deals for priority in regular maintenance sessions. This way you could avoid having to compete to avail of their services. Just make sure you work with a good business that is well-known and well-respected in the industry.

Filters: Dust and particles accumulate here. Time will come when the amount of these are overwhelming and will be an obstruction to the air being supplied by your system.

Make sure to change or clean out your filters when necessary, preferably every 2-3 months. This will not only allow more air through but will prevent an increase in wear and tear to your equipment so that it can continue to operate at optimal performance.

Check Thermostat: See to it that your thermostat is functioning. Try checking if you’ve set your thermostat to a desired temperature but still feel uncomfortable. If that is the case, then the thermostat could be the problem. Have this repaired immediately.

Check For Impediments: Examine your ducts and see if there are objects inside that impede the airflow inside. If so, have them taken out, ideally by a technician. If certain furnitures are blocking your vents, transfer them or alter their positions so that they wouldn’t.

Evaluate Heating Zones

Another beauty of technology is the zoning system, where you can adjust the temperatures of rooms in your house. This is quite useful in terms of a difference in preferences between family members, and for saving money.

During cold months, evaluate your heating zones so that each member gets the heat they need. If there are certain areas in your home seldomly occupied, then this can be less warmer than others. Keep doors and windows closed to prevent the heat from exiting.

Always Have Proper Lighting

Pay attention to the lighting in your home for warmth and ambience. The gloomy weather during winter make some people feel more tired and sad but proper lighting can counter this. After all what good is a well-heated home if the people in it aren’t happy.

Make Sure Your Attic Is Well-Insulated

Since the attic is a place not commonly visited, make sure to insulate its floors so that the heat does not enter here and remains in locations in your home where you will actually be needing it.

Apply insulation on the floor joists of the attic, and if you can, apply a second layer of it. This is important for you to keep your living spaces warm.

To be sure, have a licensed technician check your home. Better safe than sorry. Call Thornton Heating at (847) 905-1608 and they’ll send over one of their reliable specialists.