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4 Ways to Prepare Your Heating System for Winter

October 3rd, 2016 by Darwilladmin

With another Chicago winter coming up just around the corner, you can almost feel the windy chill when you step outside at night and it can make you think it will not be long before winter arrives in full force. One of the fundamentals during this cold period of the year is to keep yourself warm at all times and breathing clean air. Not only will this help you not catch a cold but also keep your body temperature at a certain level so that you try can spend your winters healthy and carefree.

A good heating system at your house is a necessity rather than a luxury, and you want to keep warm and comfy whenever you decide to stay back at home and just relax. Because let’s face it, no matter how many sweaters you put on, wearing them in your own home is a little uncomfortable.

Hence having a heating system that helps the temperature of your house remain comfortable is something everyone wants. But your heating system and boiler or furnace is likely about to face many difficult nights. So take a little time now to prepare your residence for winter.

Inspecting your existing heating system

The first step is to recognize whether your heating system is fit to run another year or is it time to take it out and bring home a new one. This question should be serious many of us ignore it and simply expect our furnace or boiler to make it through another winter. Take some time to check your residence as it currently is and remember how it performed this past year.

Test out the heating system now and check the burners to see if they work properly. Install storm windows if you have them and check your windows and doors for air leaks before the temperatures drop drastically.

Have yearly service and maintenance done

Most professional companies begin advertising as soon as summer ends and fall begins for customers to get their yearly service done immediately. This is because regular service and maintenance before your heating units are being pushed into 24-hour work can find small issues and set your system up to be reliable all winter long.

Once the temperatures drop and the first couple of bad storms hit, many people will find themselves dealing with serious problems and it may be harder to get quick service. Being proactive can save you from a stressful situation, a bigger hit to your wallet, and spending any amount of time without heat!

Change the filters

If your heating system is ready to go and are satisfied with it, the third step is to check and replace the filter regularly. Any service call to your residence or business should include the filters being checked and changed. But the commonly accepted notion is that your air filter and furnace filter should be changed at least every 2-3 months. And you shouldn’t just do this every time a season ends, but rather frequently throughout the year.

Filters are prone to get very dirty very fast and the difference between a new filter and an old one is a huge one that affects performance directly and the quality of air that you are breathing. A warm home is of course great, but make sure you are not breathing in dirt and pollutants all winter long.

Assess your thermostat

The last step is to check and see if the thermostat is working fine and then making a habit this winter to use the thermostat as much as possible. For example every time the house is empty, you can relieve your heating system for a while by lowering the temperature. Not only will this practice help your heating system last longer rather it will result in a less costly bill as well.

But if your thermostat is an older one or you would rather not have to adjust it constantly, we would recommend upgrading to a newer programmable thermostat. Many of these can save cycles for you so that you can save energy by setting your system to stay warm during the hours you need it to and then work less while you are away from home.

Established in 1959, Thornton Heating Services strives for a goal of 100% customer satisfaction as part of our “customer first” attitude. Get ready for winter now and contact us to discuss having your heating system serviced today!