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4 Mistakes Chicago Homeowners Make With HVAC Maintenance

November 1st, 2017 by cverdone

Purchasing a new HVAC unit is not only about picking the latest model or unit. You must also be knowledgeable about the installation process. However, learning about the installation process alone is not enough. Proper maintenance is also an important aspect in sustaining the efficiency of your system.

The problem is a lot of Chicago homeowners neglect their duty when it comes to handling their HVAC maintenance. What are these common maintenance mistakes that they usually make?


Picking an Inappropriate Size

The HVAC system comes in various sizes that are equivalent to their designated uses. They are not created equally. No matter how high the efficiency rating of your unit is, if the size is not appropriate to the area where you install it, it would still be useless. So, instead of purchasing an HVAC right away, consult a trusted HVAC contractor to measure the size of your room and ask them what HVAC size is the best for that location.


Neglected Insulation

Another factor that affects your HVAC’s efficiency is the leaks that allow the air to escape. This results in high energy loss and decreases your system’s functionality. During the installation process, ensure that the gaps between the door and your floor are covered, the crack between your windows fixed, and most of all your ductworks are properly sealed and insulated. By doing so, you optimize your HVAC’s functionality and efficiency.


Ignoring the Filters

Your air filters play an important role in your HVAC system. They trap dust and dirt present in the air and prevent it from getting through your home. People usually overlook the importance of air filters thinking they are not as important as the rest of the HVAC’s parts. However, they are mistaken in this concept.

Apart from preventing dust and dirt from entering your home, air filters are one of the protectors of your family’s health. They also trap harmful microorganisms and volatile organic compounds in the air which is a number one cause of allergies and other related health problems. Also, an air filter blanketed with a thick buildup of dust restricts smooth airflow exchange resulting in a decrease of your HVAC’s efficiency. Thus, it is important that you change your filters as often as needed.


Forsaking Maintenance

Why is maintenance important? Maintenance not only ensures that your system won’t meet any sudden breakdowns, but it also gives assurance that your HVAC is optimized for the season. Proper maintenance helps your system stay functional and work efficiently all through its lifespan. This will save you additional costs from getting unexpected repairs, high utility costs and most of all, untimely HVAC replacements.

Now that you are fully aware of the mistakes that cause your HVAC’s efficiency to decline, start avoiding these errors and establish a plan to maximize your system’s functionality and utilize them to its fullest potential in their entire lifespan.

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