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3 Ways To Prepare Your HVAC For Spring

March 15th, 2018 by cverdone

Your HVAC system was hard at work throughout the past year, especially the recent winter. Depending on how that went for you and how sensitive you are to the cold, your heating system was probably exerting a lot of effort trying to keep things warm.

For it to truly serve us in the most effective and efficient manner, we must in return be able to maintain it well. A little work has to be done to make sure it remains in tiptop shape. However, the labor you have to undertake to achieve this is in no comparison to the benefits these machines are able to provide to us.

Test Your Air Conditioning Unit

Your heater may have been the one operating more frequently lately, but now it’s your air conditioner’s turn. Before the weather gets warmer, check it for damages that it may have obtained in the past year or during the cold season.

Try turning on your model and see if it’s able to meet what’s needed of it. If you’re unsure of this task, you can call a technician to do this for you. Still, it would be best if you’re present when they’re executing this process so that you’re able to learn more about your heating and cooling system. It’s yours after all and who knows what piece of valuable information you could obtain from this that might come in handy in the future.

Examine Vents

Examine your ductwork as it might need clearing of debris or cleaning from dust and particles. There could also be a possibility that it has gained occupants, such as vermins, seeking warmth from the frigid temperatures. It’s important that you get rid  of them right away since their presence could pose a potential health risk.

System Maintenance

Get your HVAC maintained by professional. Have them investigate its current state and see if it’s still able to perform as needed. Let them do the necessary repairs and procedures needed to get your system working fine again.

This is especially important for your air conditioner because you’ll be needing it for summertime, so put an emphasis towards this element so that you’re assured of comfort when the environment gets unreasonably hot.

If you have filters, change them or clean, for those with the reusable type. Remember if these have excess particle build-up, it could lead to increased wear and tear to your system. Air quality in your home will also start to decline. A clean set of filters would bring you fresher and a healthier atmosphere for your family to breath in.

If your cooling unit is in need of replacement, do it right away so that you wouldn’t have to experience the unwanted heat. Have the same attitude for you furnace if it needs to be swapped in for a new one too. Summer  may be the season that worries most but its best to be proactive so that your are ready for all possible situations.

Zoning Setting

If you have a big family, you might want to consider getting a zoning system if you don’t already have one. This allows different rooms to be in different temperatures, depending on the occupants preference. This will solve arguments that erupt when people can’t settle on a specific setting on the thermostat.

For best results, book a maintenance check with a reliable and professional technician. Schedule one with Thornton Heating by calling (847) 905-1608.