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3 Tips For Buying A New Furnace

March 1st, 2018 by cverdone

A furnace is something your household needs when winter season arrives. It can be a pricey investment, but it is important to keep warm inside the comforts of your own home. Before purchasing it, there are factors to consider in choosing the best furnace fit for your household needs. Here are 3 tips to follow when purchasing a new furnace for your home.

Efficiency Rating

Also known as the annual fuel utilization efficiency, the AFUE helps in measuring the ability of any kind of furnace to convert gas into heat. The higher the AFUE, the more expensive a furnace will cost but will become a great impact in your savings. A good AFUE rating starts at 56% – 70% which usually results in low efficiency, ordinary efficiency ratings operate at 80% – 83% while high effective furnaces operate with a 90% – 98% efficiency. For example, if a furnace has an AFUE of 95%, the remaining 5% gets sucked up in an exhaust pipe while the 95% gets converted to heat.

Furnace Type

There are different types of furnaces to choose from, each of them fit for distinguishing household needs.


Effective in keeping your household warm, the conventional furnace is 80% efficient and are designed to help air heat escape through the flue gas. Conventional furnaces are built with an electric damper help in allowing exhaust to escape through the exterior.


Also known as condescending filter, a high-efficiency furnace is more costly but has a 92% – 97% efficiency rate. Efficiency is also improved when these furnaces aid in extracting most heat that are bottled up in by-products before exhausted. High-efficiency furnaces are best used for large and breezy households that are poorly insulated.

Electric Furnace

Similar to a conventional furnace, an electric furnace makes heat through electric heating and are designed with circuit breakers that control the functions of these heating elements. A great benefit about it is that it does not produce carbon monoxide, which is a good move in protecting the environment, also no heat loss occurs in the chimney.

Furnace Size

Whether you are living in a small or large household, the size of a furnace definitely matters. A small-sized furnace does not produce much in providing the required temperature compared to a bigger one, but it does not take much space inside your home. An undersized furnace can run efficiently throughout the winter season and has a longer lifespan. Meanwhile, an oversized furnace helps in producing more heat for your household but results to a shorter lifespan, the more energy is needed the more it results to an increase in heating costs.

To keep your beloved homes from feeling like a giant freezer, these are 3 tips to follow when purchasing a new furnace. Do not forget to ask help from Thornton Heating Service by calling (847) 905-1608.