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3 Signs Your Furnace Needs To Be Replaced

January 16th, 2018 by cverdone

Staying warm and comfortable has been a problem since before fire was invented. At times shelter would be enough, keeping man protected from the cold environment of the outside world. Man could stay cozy and comfortable enough, but during the coolest of times, walls weren’t enough and soon fire was made.

Being both simple to use and effective, the furnace was the ultimate invention for keeping man warm. Unfortunately like all good things, it has its lifespan. Your furnace, however expensive or well-maintained it may be, has an expiry date. Take note of these signals and you’ll save yourself a mid-winter nightmare.

Bills Are Increasing

If your cost on electricity and gas have suddenly skyrocketed, then chances are your furnace could be the culprit of the burning hole in your pocket. Old and inefficient furnaces need a longer time to heat up a place which means more electric and gas consumption, which in return has a negative impact on your finances.

Provided it has been installed properly, a furnace has a lifetime of servitude of 10-15 years. If the timeline of your increase in bills is a sudden spike after 10 years since acquiring your furnace, it’s more likely that it’s broken and needs replacing. But, due to certain factors, some of these things do tend to break earlier than that, so you still might want to have it checked even if it has not completed its average lifespan yet.

Repairs Needed Often

Frequently having to repair your furnace is a sign that you might need to think of shopping for a new one. A new unit would be cheaper and a wiser solution to the more costly decision of maintaining your old one. Imagine not also having to endure the cold while waiting for the handyman to come.

Carbon Monoxide Production

Check the flame being produced by your furnace. Ideal color would be bright, solid blue but if it is burning yellow or flickering, these are indications that your heating system is producing a toxic gas called carbon monoxide. Evidence of it could be noticed if there is a lot of moisture on windows, walls and other cold surfaces. Rusting also takes place on the pipes and appliance jacks. Effects of this substance on people within the home are flu-like symptoms. If you and your family are feeling under the weather, then you might want to have your furnace examined by a professional.

You don’t have to put up with unbalanced temperatures between rooms and unusual noises in the house. See to it right now that you purchase a new furnace if it needs replacing.

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